Gigi Duval values two things—her image and a good time in the bedroom. She refuses to fall prey to the shackles of a lying and dishonest man, especially with her heart and career on the line. Watching men lie and cheat her whole life hardened her against childhood “fairytale” fantasies. But when she interviews with the sexy and broody Roman Bishop, she begins to wonder if he might be more than just a casual fling. Only one thing is for certain: Roman is off limits. After all, Gigi can’t possibly add her best friend’s brother to her trusty little pink book. Or can she?

As a tattoo artist, Roman has met his fair share of eccentric and exciting girls, but when Gigi walks into his shop, resume in her high class hand, she entices him in ways he hasn’t felt in a long time. Now, he’s hellbent on showing her that they can find something more.

But will Gigi let down her guard for a chance at something deeper?